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Services & Programs

The Autism Recovery Foundation currently offers programs in three areas:
1) direct financial support to families.
2) scholarships and grants for individuals seeking ABA certification.
3) Strategic planning to raise public awareness and support for IEIBI Treatments.

A sample of our programs:

“Canteen” Grant Program for Families

“Like a canteen of cool fresh water to a soldier on the front lines of battle, the Canteen Grant is a small fund to help support and refresh those on the front lines of the battle against autism.”

It is unusual for any single source of funding to be able to cover all the costs involved with intensive early intervention behavior therapy. While treatments are covered in various amounts through private insurance and/or government programs such as Medical Assistance, typically families are left with a significant burden. Some have had to dip into retirement savings, or put a second mortgage on their homes. Even with good insurance coverage, there are still things that are needed, such as equipment and supplies that are not covered. While a Canteen Grant will not alleviate this entire burden, even a small amount will help tide the family over in their ongoing struggle with autism.

The Autism Recovery Foundation is currently reviewing applications for the 2017-2018 Canteen Grant Program.

Click here to download a grant application form:  http://www.autismrecoveryfoundation.org/services/canteen-grant-application

ABA Scholarship Fund

Gaining expertise in ABA principles and practices to effectively provide early intervention behavior therapy requires considerable education and training.  We believe that to provide effective therapy, the practitioner must be adequately trained and supervised.  Fortunately there are national standards and credentials to provide quality assurance. The Autism Recovery Foundation is committed to building the workforce in Minnesota, particularly in rural communities.

We support individuals who are pursuing their Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) credential and are currently recruiting applications. Students pursuing BCBA certification who will be joining or currently are in the Minnesota workforce are encouraged to apply.

Click here to apply:  http://www.autismrecoveryfoundation.org/services/aba-application

Learn More About Our Services

For more information on the Autism Recovery Foundation and our services, email contact@autismrecoveryfoundation.org